Into the mysteries of Thy Veils

You will never see music the same way with our discovery of the week: “Influx” by Thy Veils. 

Drawing inspiration from electronic sonorities, trip-hop and mysterious experimental recipes, Thy Veils’ art is nothing but a true journey through the unknown. 

Intense, dark, and surprising, the track “Influx” offers a sound through imaginary landscapes, where we contemplate one’s feelings and perceptions. It effortlessly immerses the audience into a reflective psychedelic artistic piece of work with limitless creativity. 

The vocals are unworldly, with a splendid and breathtaking interpretation, showcasing Thy Veils’ talent for creating out of the box, out of the conventional norms and expectations. An example of artistic freedom.

Our dream at the redaction is to attend one of Thy Veils’ events, immersive audio-visual shows.

 Futuristic and remarkable, dive into “Influx” right now :

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