Discovering our artist of the day Bezy4eva in 5 questions

Our focus today is on rising Charlotte-based artist (North Carolina) Bezy4eva. The musician who immediately caught our attention thanks to an outstanding versatility, has been productive all along the past years.

With 1 album, 1 Ep, and more than 10 singles, Bezy4eva is not ready to slow down anytime soon as he also announced 2 new projects for March 2021.

Meanwhile, listen to his discography, a sound that mixes Hip-hop and Rnb, flawless production and melodic instrumentation:

Now let’s discover Bezy4eva in 5 questions:

Who are you?

I Bezy4eva (Barry Butler II) was born in Charlotte North Carolina. I started making music as a child making beats and playing the piano. After many years of practice and performing behind other acts I decided to start a career as an artist in the year 2021 with my first single “A Check”.

What inspires you to write music?

My life experiences inspired everything I have ever wrote. Music is my form of expression. We all go through things and I choose to take those experiences to the booth and record.

Your creative process?

I bought my own studio so I can record whenever an idea comes to my head. Sometimes after a movie, an argument, smoking, after the club, reflecting over my past, relationships and etc. I normally freestyle then go back and re-record. After that I let the engineers do their thing.

Your latest release in a few words?

My latest release was an ep “Street Codex” I released on January 24th, 2021 which consists of 5 tracks. Check it out!

Your plans for the future?

I plan to release 2 more ep’s in March 2021. At the moment I am recording and shooting videos. This year will interesting as things are changing so rapidly so follow me for updates on Instagram @bezy4eva.