Discovering rising artist SwankFather with “The Bounce Back Bachelor”

Among all the projects we listen to daily, there are only a few that stand, that we keep in mind. This week, SwankFather enters this category thanks to his unique recipe: welcome to the world of “The Bounce Back Bachelor”, his latest project. 

SwankFather made a strong impression on our redaction with this 10-track opus that showcases his talent for innovating and putting hip-hop music to higher levels of creativity.

The record offers a true journey through rap and futuristic sonorities. His flows, bouncy, and laidback, come from another planet and perfectly complete the intense, hard-hitting versatile productions.

The psychedelic touch and LoFi touch give the record a charismatic vision and an appealing signature.

Dive into the “The Bounce Back Bachelor” experience now :

“The things I go through in life inspire me to make music some things I don’t like to rap about though because I want my music to change the world it’s hard to do that simple by regurgitating my reality. So sometimes I’m inspired by how I want things to be and make music to make it easier to step into the reality I’m trying to create.” SwankFather.

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