Out now: “I Remember” by Vinyl Disciples

Today we woke up on the right feet thanks to our discovery. Yes, our month of August promises to be perfect with “I Remember” by Vinyl Disciples. 

Consisting of Mishaal Alireza, Mete Aslan, Edwin Matos, the band delivered a new banger for the world, an addiction that was just waiting to be discovered. 

Wild rhythms between House sounds and Pop touches, infectious vocals, and heavy production: this what you will find with “I Remember”. 

What we like the most in Vinyl Disciples’s music is that it literally disconnect the auditor from reality and the grey news. It fills our days with a strong feel-good vibe and positive light. We feel no stress, we feel free and we have a beautiful musical moment. Thank you for this gift Vinyl Disciples!

Press play now and enjoy: