Dive into “Hasjasjeen” by hendren

The month starts on a perfect note thanks to our best discovery, the mysterious hendren. With an excellent career as a musician, hendren proves his authenticity, audacity and creativity. 

hendren, known for his low-fi sound, has just shared a brilliant track “Hasjasjeen”. It unveils a unique artistic recipe, where melancholic atmosphere, suspenseful bass and obsessing melodies reign. It effortlessly combines trip-hop with subtle R’n’b and experimental electronic sounds. 

While listening to “Hasjasjeen”, we feel that the music can enter our body to heal our pains, our anxiety, it makes us understand that we are not alone. The darkness opens the door to light, fears can turn into hope through this musical experience. 

The video perfectly complements the track, and we were caught into a mysterious and psychedelic universe from start to finish: inspiring! 

Thank you for this gift hendren!

Did you know? hendren is the alias of Marty T. Zwart, musician, carpenter, roadie, lover and father. Marty played guitar in the band of brothers Coppersky for 12 years, released 4 records with them and toured all over Europe.