Dopest of the day: #006: Sabrina by Not Around

“#006: Sabrina” is without a doubt, the project of your day. You will adopt it from the first track. Indeed, if you need to disconnect from your daily routine, to immerse yourself in a quality musical break, this opus signed “Not Around” is exactly what you need.

The 6 tracks unveil an authentic moment of hip hop that navigates between Lo-Fi sound, some experimental touches, as well as jazzy melodies. We also admire the creativity. The project stands out from what we usually hear, and that is exactly what we expect from artists: to bring new experience on the table. 

Thanks to “#006: Sabrina”, surprising from “stranger” to “Rose”, Not Around enter through the front door among the artists you absolutely need to follow. 

Listen to “#006: Sabrina” right now on Bandcamp