Focus of the day: ‘ICE COLD’ by producer XOS feat. REVL TVLK

XOS is a New York native producer that we have just discovered. The artist was able to convince us thanks to ‘ICE COLD’ featuring REVL TVLK. We also want to salute the initiative behind that new single as XOS announced that all streaming proceeds from all major streaming platforms will be donated to a family that has suffered a loss due to Covid19.

‘ICE COLD’ deserves attention as it is a hard-hitting Hip-Hop song, with heavy production and intense flow. The drums are blowing are mind away, and the bars are catchy: everything that we love in Hip-Hop:

We wanted to know more about the story behind ‘ICE COLD’. Let’s discover more below:

Who is XOS and how did he start his music career?

Pronounced as {stös} Christos “XOS” Angelidis is a Hiphop music producer from Queens, New York.


What inspires him to write music?

Composing instrumentals inspired by his native New York City culture, XOS introduces a faster tempo than traditional hiphop/rap with natural sounding, 808 dominant drums in his mixes. A lot like the vibe you’d get from walking through Times Square or any subway station embodying a live performer.

Does XOS has a specific creative process?

XOS releases music in the image of the New Yorker, one who wants to get to the point. There are variations in his music giving it a certain spice that blends with the multicultural DNA of his hometown, Queens, the most diverse piece of land on planet Earth.

Can we have a few words about his latest release?

REVL TALK(Real Talk) is the featured artist on the song ‘ICE COLD’ as he and XOS are long-time friends and music industry colleagues.

The story behind this song is that XOS produce the instrumentals while recovering from COVID-19. As a result leave two artists have decided to donate all proceeds from this song to families that have lost a loved one to COVID-19 .

Creativity is derived by so many experiences says XOS. There are so many forms of beauty and struggle in New York that inspiration can be born at a moments notice. “I just want to connect my creations with listeners that can appreciate what it is that we experience in New York neighborhoods such as Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and of course, Brooklyn”. He says. 

A few plans for the future to share with us?

XOS is planning on releasing two more recordings during the summer of 2020 and REVL TALK has a highly anticipated, ten-song mixtape titled ‘SEE YOU AFTER’ that was just released on June 17th.