Foxy Mammals release new single with top UK engineer Josh Tyrrell

The band Foxy Mammals has just released a new single, “High Higher” now available in all major online and streaming music platforms -and on their social media.

Whilst in previous singles they had crossed the Athlantic to have their singles mixed and mastered in LA, this time Foxy Mammals have moved their sound to London, working with renowned engineer and producer Josh Tyrrell (his credits include Lana del Rey, Eric Clapton, The Who, Seal, Van Morrison, Dan Auerbach, and a long etc.).

From the horses’ mouth (Josh Tyrrell): “Working with Foxy Mammals was really exciting! It had been a while since I truly enjoyed new rock bands, and these guys deliver a really powerful anthem with this single. You get it raw, man: great vocals with equally great melodies, awesome guitar riffs and a mammoth drum sound. Watch out!”

Foxy Mammals have been busy in their home land (The Canary Islands!) playing all major festivals taking place there. So if you’re in need of a break away from routine don’t miss Foxy Mammals next stage appearance!

Foxy Mammals new single is called “High Higher”, and you can listen to it her:

Youtube Channel: 

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