Guthrie Galileo unveils “Balladeer”: a splendid musical journey

Hailing from Vermont, USA, Guthrie Galileo is an upcoming producer who blessed our ears thanks to his latest delivery: an outstanding EP entitled: “Balladeer”. 

The opus takes the audience into a pleasant journey between RnB, electro, old-school pop hints, and most of all a surprising and captivating vocal performance. 

“Bittersweet Lane”, one of our addictions, perfectly illustrates our point. The song highlights Guthrie Galileo’s creativity and perfect vocal realization built over a dreamy and sunny production. He brings the music to another level of originality and sincerity thanks to a unique artistic approach.

We also admire the meaningful and profound lyrical content that expresses and savor the realities of life—the good, the bad, and always, the most sincere. 

“Balladeer” is fresh air in a crowded industry and Guthrie Galileo has something to offers, a unique signature that will bring him a lot of success: