Hip-Hop artist Chad Nathan Unveils Wins And Losses

Chad Nathan is one of our favorite artists of 2021 and thanks to his latest track entitled “Wins and Losses”, he is on the right path for his musical career.

“Wins and Losses” offers a perfect recipe between trap beats and some hints of drill music, but above all, a haunting flow and memorable lyrical content. Actually, everything that we expect from a rapper.

The young artist, who started to rap by freestyling, has already made big moves in the industry and already attracted thousands of streams on his music, which is not ready to slow down any time soon. 

Indeed, with such a heavy track that is “Wins and Losses”, Chad Nathan will surely triple his success for 2021 and the next years. Since “First Place”, the creative did not disappoint us. We can not wait to see what he will come with next.

Press play right now to listen to the outstanding “Wins And Losses: