The rising artist Kindness aka August Russell is building a buzz online. We are intrigued by his unique style showcased on his unreleased song “I WANNA BE SAVED” that we have got dibs on hearing first hand. We want to elaborate on our understanding of this unique style and why we thing no one else is doing it.

We have seen country rap make waves with artist like Lil Nas X and others. This style of southern rap that Kindness is portraying is very unique seeing as though it picks up on the vibe of Saint Louis legend the rapper Nelly portrayed in the height of his career.

You basically need to listen for yourself to judge. But other artist such as Drake have also utilized a cool aspect such as melodic rap.

That’s what this style is also like. It adds a lot of melody. Kindness is hoping to draw in a lot of followers once he begins really making this style his own and owning it.

You will be able to hear the vibe on the song “I WANNA BE SAVED” being released this month and also on the remix with the rapper Future anticipating a summer 2022 release with an animated visual. The song is featured on the Chance the Rapper inspired mixtape “GIFTED AS A RAPPER”.

Look for this style on all future music of the rapper Kindness including his October 2022 EP “THE LOST TRIBE OF JUDAH”. The project is his first professional project released with his label WWJD Ent – A DIVISION OF STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD LLC.

The project will have some tracks co produced by Zaytoven.

Check out Kindness on his summer 2022 tour inspired by his mixtape GIFTED AS A RAPPER. Dates soon!

Check him out on IG @therealaugustrussell @dopeministryfeed