On repeat: “Falling Down” by 3STR

At the-further, we have the banger we all needed this month. Indeed, Singer, songwriter 3STR made a strong impression on our redaction with his track “Falling Down”. 

The San Diego LGBTQIA+ artist knows how to create musical addictions. This “feel-good” single transports the audience into an electro-pop journey, with delicious touches of tropical elements. 

“Falling Down” offers perfect and alluring vocal performances as well as infectious hooks that will make you instantly sing. 

Press play and discover 3STR in 5 questions below :

Discover 3STR in 5 questions:

Tell us more about 3STR !

3STR is a singer, songwriter and music maker based in San Diego, California. Their sound has evolved from indie acoustic pop to Deep and Tropical House. Regardless of genre, in their songs the proud LGBTQIA+ artist tells personal tales with universally relatable themes of love, heartbreak and redemption. 3STR started playing instruments at the age of 10 and comes from a musical family background.

What inspires them to write music?

Their relationships inspire them as well as experiences and relatable experiences of those around them.

What is the creative process behind each single?

3STR’s creative process starts with sitting down coming up with some melodic chords, from there they figure out what they feel when they hear it and then get creative with the writing process and see what starts flowing.

A few words about 3STR’s latest release?

3STR’s latest release, is a super energetic and vulnerable ode to falling in love and picking up your significant others, when they are down. It is a creative blend of EDM and alternative bedroom-pop elements that has originality dripping from every pore. The music video has aesthetically pleasing visual elements that make the music video so unique and interesting to watch.

Any plan for the future ?

In the future, 3STR is working on a tropical house EP to drop In the summer of 2022, and there’s a Germany tour scheduled for summer of 2023.