Richard Jellinek – “Piece of Heaven”: our best album of the season

Richard Jellinek made our month with his stunning album  “Piece of Heaven”

In a world where music made with quality and creativity was starting to disappear, polish musician and composer Richard Jellinek celebrates music in all its glory. Indeed, his latest album “Piece of Heaven” offers everything we needed to hear to keep believing in authentic music again.

From the first track of the same name to “For Your Love”, Richard Jellinek explores through rock and pop sonorities and blesses our ears with intense guitars, catchy vocal performances and energetic instrumentation. “Piece of Heaven” is full of hit that instantly gives us a visceral desire to sing.

We hope to see some music videos for Piece of Heaven very soon! Meanwhile, listen to “Piece of Heaven” it will warm your heart up:

Richard Jellinek about the album:

“PIECE OF HEAVEN is a very special album for me because it is the first album I’m releasing and it making my dreams come true. 

When I was a teenager and I was playing the guitar I was supposed to be a rock star. It was a time of many compositions and dreams about releasing an album. Unfortunately, I had a long pause – almost 2 decades of no playing. I returned in 2019 and in 2020 I knew I have to realize my big dreams. 

„Piece of Heaven” is a collection of songs in which I share my emotions, thoughts, and stories and talk about important issues that affect each of us. 

It is also all the best from me and all my inspirations like the best 80 and 90 songs mixed with a modern touch of music. You can hear lots of guitars, interesting riffs, melodic verses and choruses easy to sing.”