HYPER LION’s EP ‘Robots Stole My Job’: A Fun and Decadently Creative Musical Manifesto

In a world where technology advances at an unprecedented pace, HYPER LION emerges as a voice of both innovation and caution with his latest EP, “Robots Stole My Job.” This electrifying collection comprises a title track, its instrumental counterpart, and a radio version, offering a multifaceted exploration of contemporary and future themes.

“Robots Stole My Job” delivers a sonic experience that fuses electronic and rock elements with a dash of indie pop. The result is a unique concoction of pulsating rhythms, futuristic synths, and vocals oscillating between rap and singing, often adorned with robotic effects.

Yet, beyond its infectious beats and captivating melodies, HYPER LION’s EP serves as a poignant commentary on the challenges posed by automation and artificial intelligence. Through his lyrics, he shines a spotlight on the precarious position of human labor in an era dominated by machines, where jobs are increasingly at risk of being replaced by automation.

However, despite its thought-provoking themes, “Robots Stole My Job” maintains a fun and delightfully quirky vibe throughout. With its playful melodies and irreverent lyrics, the music is both entertaining and thought-provoking, inviting listeners to ponder the future while enjoying the present moment. 

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