Industry News: Actor Kyle Williams Talks His Recent Western Film Role!

Kyle Williams‘ latest roles have been confirmed! Kyle Williams is an actor from Berkeley, California and currently resides in Venice Beach CA near the celeb hot spot, ‘Muscle Beach’. Kyle has appeared in a number of high-quality films, TV shows, and commercials since moving to Los Angeles. He is a talented actor known for his versatility and ability to turn heads with every performance. We have exclusive confirmation on the latest film roles for rising star actor Kyle Williams, as well as other news. Continue reading to learn about the most recent developments.


Williams has confirmed a co-star role in ‘Armoire,’ a film written and directed by Jonathan Betzler, who, along with the crew, did an outstanding job of creating an optimal creative environment. He described working on set as a “profound cathartic experience” in a recent interview.

“Expressing myself through the character helped me release some emotional blockages that manifested during a challenging breakup and allowed me to fulfill the truth of a man who too faces his biggest challenge in love and life. A character who feels misunderstood, helped me understand myself better.” – Kyle Williams Keep an eye out for a high-energy western production starring Actor Kyle Williams, which is now finished! ‘Chasing Cargill,’ a western short written and directed by Isacc Ipsen, is the title of the film. More information about Kyle’s starring role will be released soon.

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