Interview with Chent: an artist hailing from the year 7777

Based in Norway, Chent, a futuristic comic character, has released a genre-defying project entitled “Power Of Reboot”. As many people stay home to try to slow down the pace at which the COVID-19 disease goes through the population, we’re being blessed with new music from some of our favourite artists.

“Power Of Reboot” is a blessing in disguise for many music lovers: an electronic project between house music, drums, and analogic sounds. You will discover in Chent’s project, vibrant tracks with a lot of replay value and dance appeal.

Press play now and discover our interview with the artist below:

Welcome to our redaction Chent. You are an insolite and creative artist. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Chent, but by some known as Saus or Gravy in english. As a child I always loved to make sounds. I started playing guitar and drums in my early childhood, and got into making electronic music in my teens.

What inspires you to make such a unique music?

I have lived a hard life, and there is a lot to draw inspiration from in that sense. I am very inspired by the people who have tried to stop me from making music over the years, bringing me down with words and even violence. That is what keeps me going, but my music is often based around people that have been important to me, current emotions or events from my past or even future.

Do you have a specific creation process?

I work hard on making every single song special, so it is hard to see a common ground in that sense. Usually, it starts with an instrument, a notepad or software, other times I just sketch it out in my head before I even play a note. I usually record it all by myself, and even if I just love making analog electronic instruments and creating long signal paths, I sometimes use simple synths straight into the console. I have always felt most at home in Cubase because that is what I started with once I got to a professional level. I play around with a lot of other programs as well, so a few tracks on this release have been mixed in another DAW. Since I both mix and master there are a lot of requirements in order to stay up to date, so I supplement with some modern plugins to keep my sound fresh. I feel that it is important to keep it creative as well as technical, and balance the two on a knifes edge,

Can you share a few words about your latest release: “The Power of reboot” EP?

The reason for me taking some time away from creating new music at the start of the year was mainly to reflect on the success of 2019 and find ways to bring more to the table. We have been working hard on rebuilding the studio, then refining the tracks that could be improved upon from a technical standpoint. I feel this is a nice start for a reboot, giving my fans refined versions of the tracks they like, and dropping a compilation that will better stand the test of time.

We can’t wait to hear more from you. What do you plan for the future?

It has been a lot of focus on new equipment lately, and it takes time to set it up and learn how to use it properly. I am currently finishing up a track for May, so I am confident I will make the deadline this time. There will be a whole comic book in printed, along with a bigger release later this year. I have a big journey in front of me, so it is hard to say that there will be a new track every month. What the future will bring this time is yet to see since time is always in motion.

If you want to know more about Chent, you will find on Facebook a cartoon based on his character, wich tells the story of how he ended up here and where he is from…!