“Go Figure” by Mr Jet Black: A 2020 Rap Bomb

Today, let’s discover epic rapper Mr Jet Black’s new track entitled: “Go Figure“. It will undoubtedly offer you a few minutes of Hip-Hop quality. 

Hailing from the Bay Area, the experienced rapper might haven’t reached the ultimate plateau, but when we listen to “Go Figure”, we clearly can hear that the artist’s place is among the Greatest. The production is intense and epic, Mr Jet Black’s voice sounds unique and his flow is a storm. 

The rapper reminds us of artists like Nipsey Hussle, but also Jay Rock or even Xzibit to only name a few. 

You would have understood it: “Go Figure” reaches the high level and this is the kind of work that we crave for. It is now in our Spotify Playlist of the month, Mr Jet Black is definitely in our ‘top rap’ artists now

Listen, Watch and Stream it now: