Ivy Ash is back with super catchy new single: Third Degree

There is something quite special about artists who are actually able to tell stories through music. This certainly happens to be the case of Ivy Ash, an incredibly talented singer and vocalist who puts so much of herself into his music.

As a result, her songs are catchy, yet very easy to connect with on an emotional level, paving the way to a deeper bond with the audience. Recently, Ivy penned a new song named Third Degree, which ended up becoming a well-produced single with so much attitude.

The song bridges the gaps between melody and energy, but at the same time it is actually very personal to Ivy, since it explores some of her experiences in a way that people can definitely empathise with her singing. Great songwriting is about really showing the listeners that they aren’t alone, and Ivy is able to get closer, emotionally speaking, to her listeners by singing about things that they can definitely find a strong affinity with!

Find out more about Ivy Ash, and listen to Third Degree, which is now available to stream and download!