Jo_L and Parrot Loop unveil “Escalade”, a perfect electro-pop song

Today, we have discovered the perfect song for our “free” and sunny days (only a few days left, stay strong!). The song is entitled “Escalade”, by Jo_L and Parrot Loop

Electro-pop-infused melodies, catchy and captivating vocals, infectious hook: the song has a strong addictive and dance appeal. A delicious banger!

Jo_L and Parrot Loop, who have been working music together for years, offer positive moods, good vibes. The kind of music on which we can count to cheer us up during the grey days. 

“Escalade” is now on repeat in our Spotify Playlist “BEST OF THE MONTH#9”. We also heard that a new single would be on the road for a release on June 1st. We just can’t wait.

Press Play and imagine hearing this on the beach: