Jordan Olympus: the rising talent of 2021


Rising French artist Jordan Olympus has released a vibrant new single “20/20″, feat Kdessa.

The song is a pop gem with a special recipe, a feel-good anthem with all the right ingredients to be considered a banger.

Driven by its captivating production built over an impressive pop production with touches of hip-hop and heavy beats, the song is exactly what we need to start the weekend on the right foot.

Both of the vocal performances of Jordan Olympus and Kdessa are extraordinary and alluring from start to finish. 

Overall “20/20″, is a thoroughly enjoyable song that should stay on playlists and on repeat. It’s evident that Jordan Olympus  is one of the most sought-after emerging artist out there and we can’t wait to see how far the young French artist will go in his musical career.

Listen to “20/20” below:



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