Kelsie Kimberlin – Dusty Road: we fell in love again

There is certain kind of artists who can subjugate you and make you fall in love again. Let’s be honest, this is super rare and precious. Kelsie Kimerlin makes this impression at each of her releases. This time, this is with “Dusty Road” that she got us.

She completely made us forget about anything around us thanks to this new track. We were literally drowned in her voice, her graceful music and her performance over the emotional-driven piano notes.  There’s this vibe throughout that resonates with you no matter what you’re going through.

Soulful and familiar, the ballad is nothing but a musical jewel, in which Kelsie Kimberlin transport us without even noticing. Her talent for art and writings is undeniable, and we are proud to have discovered her greatness.

“Dusty Road” is an ocean of emotions and amazing music, another perfection signed by one of the most promising artists of the year: