‘Die Sonne ist Schwarz’ by BlackWing’: a new musical world to explore

As the weekend is approaching, we needed to find a refreshing musical project that would accompany our crazy parties in the best way possible. Our discovery comes at the right time. Without further ado, let’s discover one of the most exciting electronic experiences: ‘Die Sonne ist Schwarz’ by BlackWing’. Be ready to receive a strong dose of energy, an electrifying musical moment.

Thanks to his record, we can imagine ourselves, back in our favourite rave party, in Berlin, BlackWing’s music resonating all around the place.

The artist delivers an explosive recipe between psychedelic electronic elements, industrial sounds and surprising structures. Believe us, the experience put you into a trance, bring you into a parallel world, the world of BlackWing’s feelings and emotions.

Be ready to jump into it right now: