“Light Me Up”: Our musical addiction signed alt-rock artist Ratinoff

Ratinoff, real name Jay Ratinoff is one of the most energetic acts around. Once you listen to his music, you are instantly addicted. With tracks like “Light Me Up” he proves that he is on the right path and that he will be worldwide talked about.

“Light Me Up” is a success where alternative rock and a strong dose of motivation reign to take you on an infectious musical journey. From the first notes, you electrified, and you forget about the rest of your day, your problems, your daily routine. A cry from the heart and an anthem of Liberation.

The powerful guitars, the haunting vocal performance: it’s been a while since we had not listened to a real rock moment. “Light Me Up” is the first single from his upcoming album LET IT OUT, due out Fall 2021 through CEN/The Orchard. Stay tuned!

“Light Me Up’ came out of frustration and anger. With everybody spending a lot of time indoors and working and going to school from home, there were a few instances where my neighbours at the time were complaining that my rehearsing during the day was a distraction. It was starting to cause some trouble and that’s where the inspiration for the song came from.

Stream the song here: https://orcd.co/o7wymdj
Watch the video here: