Remayn is back on the scene with a stunning new album: Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever.

September 2021 – Remayn is an artist and songwriter with a focus on making music that seamlessly blurs the gaps between so many different ideas. His most recent studio work, Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever, is a perfect taste of this open-ended attitude. This project is a rich and tasteful blend of various influences, including indie rock, alt-folk, and other influences. This melange of sounds is incredibly well-orchestrated, yet the core of the release hides a simple, direct flow that makes it so refreshing and easy to relate to. The best music happens to be unpretentious and personal, and this is definitely what Remayn managed to accomplish with Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever, a fantastic example of his artistry.

I would definitely recommend listening to Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever if you are a fan of Elliott Smith, Bon Iver, Dead Rituals, and Jeff Buckley, only to mention a few. Much like the aforementioned artists, Remayn is all about giving the audience a more genuine and authentic listening experience, which feels like a perfect way to connect with the world through art and sound.

Find out more about Remayn, and do not miss out on Him Always, Them Sometimes, Her Forever, which is currently available on Bandcamp.


Listen to his album now HERE