“Like That” by Bunny Daniels: Our New Musical Treasure

“Like That” by Bunny Daniels is a musical gem from the West Coast, offering a fresh take on R’n’B. Daniels’ powerful yet honey-sweet voice takes center stage, providing a refreshing experience for listeners who appreciate true vocal talent. Her singing, both strong and gentle, is a delight to the ears.

The production of “Like That” is mesmerizing, featuring mysterious undertones that make you want to move slowly to the beat. The track’s unique recipe blends captivating melodies with Daniels’ enchanting voice, creating a sound that stands out in the modern music landscape.

This release is especially meaningful as Daniels overcame a vocal injury that left her unable to sing for over a year. Her triumphant return is a testament to her resilience and passion for music. We eagerly await more from Bunny Daniels, whose artistry promises to bring even more soulful and captivating tracks: