Limnetic Villains unveiled a rare musical moment with “Multiple Divisions”

If you know us well, you would agree that our redaction team is passionate about creative artists, those who bring new kinds of sound to the table, and who are capable of surprising us. This is why we are more than proud to introduce you to our latest discovery: Irish musician Limnetic Villains.

His latest offering “Multiple Divisions” invited us into a new musical journey. With a unique recipe between electronic sound, touches of trip-hop, and hints of rock, “Multiple Divisions” stands out from the first seconds. The psychedelic and hypnotic universe disconnected us from our daily routine, and that’s exactly what we expected from music. 

If Limnetic Villains offers a unique musical signature, he doesn’t stop here as he uses his talent to raise money for cancer research (for the Irish Cancer Society) selling his music via Bandcamp.

Without further ado, enter this beautiful musical experience that is “Multiple Divisions” HERE