Listen to the emotional “Broken”, by Duka

We are happy to introduce you to “Broken”, Duka’s new single.

The pop production is highlighted by Duka’s Soulful vocals. the mix offers an outstanding musical result. 

We also admire the vocal realization and performance, which places the Atlanta based artist among the more promising 2020 singers.

“The song more or less describes me & my fear of commitment in a way that is simultaneously vulnerable & guarded. It unpacks the simple, typical “I’m scared” answer to the question of taking the next step in a relationship & provides reasons, yet, it’s clear that the reasons will never be enough to appease anyone on the other end of those words. I briefly allude to my father & explore his lack of presence as a reason for my fears. Unfortunately, my father died 4 days after I wrote this. So, while the song is short, I chose to keep it how it was before he passed to preserve that moment in time when he was still here.”