Our banger of the day: ‘Fragile Love’ by Kev Sound

Rising star Kev Sound, real name Kevin Farrell is a true revelation for our redaction. While discovering his track ‘Fragile Love’ out today, we immediately knew we were listening to something special. 

The singer who has been quite productive over the latest years showcases through his music all his potential for becoming really huge in the international industry. Indeed he impressed us with his capacity for releasing songs in multiple different genres.

Kev Sound’s new release ‘Fragile Love’ illustrates our point and is full of high notes. The delicious banger is rocked by a unique artistic recipe between pop-rock and anthemic vocal lines. 

With ‘Fragile Love’, which we can’t wait to hear on our favourite radios, Kev Sound proves once again that he is the type of artist that gives a damn about creativity and gives us a fresh and catchy sound. There is a rhythm in this song that really gets you, you might fall in love, so press play right now: