Our Exclusive Interview with Kev for the release of his newest hit single “Goodnights”

Indie artist Kev accompanied our weekend the best way possible. We discovered him with “Goodnights”, a track effortlessly blending soft-rock with catchy pop melodies with a great creative color.

Kev delivers a captivating vocal line with a unique cadence, and a qualitative lyrical content. From start to finish, “Goodnights” will grab your attention.

Listen to the addictive “Goodnights” and read our conversation with him below !


Can you tell our readers who you are and how you started music?

I started to play classical guitar at the age of 3 and before the pandemic started I was experimenting with my guitar playing chords and making songs with them. Soon enough I started to sing and I had absolutely no support as I had to work from square 1. I didn’t even have support from my parents at the time. I was bombarded by insults and told I should quit and stop trying. However I overcame and soon enough they started to invest in me as well as others. I am a indie pop artist but at heart I consider myself to be a “variety” artist. This meaning I do multiple genres and don’t box myself into one group because I feel limitless.

Being a singer is a unique experience in NYC. Everyone expects you to be a rapper. When I’ve worked with producers in the past they’ve described my music as a “breath of fresh air”
I want to be different. I want to inspire others and show that there is a way even if you feel it’s not possible or the odds are against you
I felt that way when I was in a basement with that guitar but I knew I couldn’t give up.

Each day as a singer/artist now I realize I can’t give up because I came such a long way to where I once was. There are people counting on me. Peoples lives I have to change. I can be so close to living my dream and not even know it. As my manager Jermey Zemach says “Your a phone call away from changing your life” and “You came such a long way in your journey”
Music has felt such a journey with all the songs I’ve made and the places I’ve been and people I’ve met.

What inspires you to write and create?

Experiences/feelings and heartbreak inspired my music at the start especially. Like every guy, we’ve all got our heart hurt. Going all the way back to 2020, the song something in you was inspired a girl who I envisioned to be my soulmate. I couldn’t find a reason why I was so attached and addicted I thought it was something on the inside hence I named the song Something in You. This was recorded in a basement with a broken guitar and an old phone with an outdated version of GarageBand

How would you describe your latest release?

My latest release Goodnights is about life as a high school senior, first year college student and what I hope the future to be. It is out everywhere on all platforms

What can we expect from you in the future?

I have lots of plans for the future. First is staying consistent with my next single City Boy coming mid March. Planning has been easier thanks to my Director of Music Operations Hunter Young.

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