Authentic hip-hop and charismatic signature: The-Further presents Livid

As rap lovers, we were totally thrilled about our discovery of the weekend, rather a revelation: Livid, real name Brock Mathew Simpson. The rapper and songwriter offer authentic rap, a flawless technique and infectious old-school colours.

His latest opus “Behind Closed Doors” illustrates our point. It unveils a recipe that honours the best decades of rap music with intense productions, and emotional-driven energy. 

Livid’s lyrical content offers a solid story-telling in which the rapper bars his soul with passion and sincerity. “Behind Closed Doors” is an A+ hip-hop album you should enjoy right now.

Listen to on Apple Music now and read our conversation with Livid below:

Who are you and how did you start to make music?

I’m Brock Simpson, aka Livid, and I started to make music around the age 14 or 15. I was just writing songs and not doing anything with them because I was too worried about what other people would think. Somewhere around 18 or 19 I started realizing that the music everyone else was into didn’t interest me at all. So that’s what motivated me to start putting the music that I was making out. I figured why listen to other artist that I don’t like instead of just doing it myself.

What inspires you to write and create? 

I get inspired to make music by loving to compete. I don’t make music that is supposed to just have a vibe to it. I compete on every song that I make. Whether it’s personal issues, family issues, or just wanting to better myself and show what I can do, I’m always competing. I don’t want to be average.

What is your creative process? 

My creative process is always different. Sometimes it starts with a beat that I like, sometimes I have a topic in mind, or sometimes I just get a couple lines stuck in my head that I end up just having to write down and then they turn into a full song.

How can you describe your latest release? 

My latest release was my best work yet. I got very personal and honest on it. I had moments where I was going through some stuff and I was able to turn to music as a therapy and get stuff off my chest. There’s still fun, upbeat songs on it, but a good portion of it is personal issues that I was dealing with.

What do you plan for the future? 

I’m not sure what I have planned for the future. I’ll always make music but I can only control what I do. Whether people feel it and want to listen is on them, but either way I’ll be putting projects out and doing what I can to make my dreams come true.