Our interview of the day with our best artist of the week: The surprising 1Day

Our focus today is on 1Day’s new EP entitled “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed”. And the first thing you have to know is that 1Day’s music is astonishing.

Released today, the EP unveils 6 surprising tracks which caught our attention from start to finish. “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed” is an eclectic project between Pop, Rock, other genre-experimentation, with a strong soul/RnB-infused voice. Totally unique!

We were electryfied by the creativity of tracks like Bar = Magic! and Lock Down. Electric guitars that set the tone, catchy Pop hooks and 1Day’s RnB-infused voice: a new kind of sound.

Tracks like “Truce”, a minimalistic and emotional slow jam, reminded us of artist like Franck Ocean and it showcases the fact that 1Day has the creativity to propose a genre-blending rich music.

Tunica 10 reveals touches of experimentation, and we can also hear a Garage-influenced beat and a Blues-inspired voice.

You would have understood it, there is something for everyone in the unexpected “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed”. 1Day definitely stands out from the crowd and it is a rare thing nowadays.

Discover our interview with 1Day now:

Welcome to our redaction 1Day! We are very exited to have you today. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I go by my artist name 1Day (pronounced: One-Day) and I am originally from Topeka, Kansas – United States. I have always been into music growing up and had been involved in band and theatre through high school, but I never really took it serious until early on in college. Once I graduated thats when I started to really get into music and my journey began as an artist in 2018 when I released my first single “Torn”.

You are one of the most creative artist we’ve heard this month. What inspire you to write music?

I draw inspiration from life experiences and sometimes even experiences from stories that my friends tell me about their own personal lives. I share a lot of empathy towards others and I can usually relate to them using music better than I can words of encouragement. Ultimately I want to help people through tough times by sharing my own experience through the stories I tell in my songs.

We admire your creativity. Do you have a specific creative process?

Creative process stems from the motto “Go with the flow”. I try to write down every idea I have as soon as it comes to me because I can often be very forgetful. To tell you the truth a lot of my ideas come from dreams I have. I try not to force the words but let them come to me. Often a lot of my music is built (production wise) around the lyrics.

Your EP “It Sounds Better with Your Eyes Closed” is surprising, eclectic, we can listen to it 3 times and never get tired of it. Can you tell us more about it?

My latest release started as an album to actually help me sleep better. It started with the intro track on there and then it slowly veered off into this pop/punk rock album that I didn’t expect but as mentioned before I tried not to fight it. Emotionally I want to take listeners on a journey and I often found myself falling asleep to the album while listening to it with my eyes closed. Hence the name “It Sounds Better with Your Eyes Closed”.

We can’t wait to hear more of your music. What are your plan for the future?

My plans for the near future is to release a few more songs this summer as singles and keep working as hard as I can to tell the stories closest to my heart.