Out now: “Come outside” by The BRKN, the best musical project of early June

The Denver-based band The BRKN is our best discovery to start the month in the best possible way. If you are looking for a real musical journey to start June on the right foot, you need to dive into their latest offering, a new album entitled “Come Outside”.

The trio, consisting of Jacob Cade [vocals, guitar], Mike Bokenkamp [drums], and MJ Younkers [guitar] has just dropped a generous 8-tracks opus where Pop music, rock energy, and visionary artistic approach blend together and remind us how real music sounds like.

With the uplifting guitars, the appealing and catchy vocal performances, “Come Outside” is infectious from “Calm Down” to “Lovers”.

The band has been able to create addictive melodies and sounds with organic and electronic elements: a way to stand out from the crowd. We are not surprised to see that they already amassed thousands of streams and recognition from the greatest tastemakers around. 

“I’m so passionate about music because it’s the only thing that made me feel less alone. When you’re sad or alienated, music will be there.” Exclaims Jacob.

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