Out Now: “Weird New Feelings” by LA-based artist Wingman

Wingman is very active at the moment, so make sure that you don’t miss his steps. Indeed, while you may be sunbathing on a beach, the artist never stops working and releasing beautiful musical breaks to accompany your sunny days, your moments of relaxation. His latest release is entitled “Weird New Feelings” and is exactly what we crave for.

Not only Wingman showcases his real talent for blending hip-hop with electronic sounds and touches of pop, but he also has an addictive way to play with words and an infectious flow. “Weird New Feelings” is extracted from an outstanding new project of the same name and will embark you into a pleasant, eclectic universe. The artist is undoubtedly one of those to follow.

CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER “Weird New Feelings” Right now.

Make sure to connect with Wingman on Instagram: @wingmanfly.