Paul Askew Has the Music to Listen To

Rather it be gospel, inspirational or R&B.  Billboard Artist, Producer and Songwriter has the music to listen to for any occasion. With his hit single “Save Me “, and a new album “The Book of Paul launching on June 24th, 2022, listeners will have musical journey to listen to and connect with.

We consider him to be the king of inspirational music. Talent in the independent world today is coming to the table as a total package. Paul Askew is serving us everything from a being an artist, singer, producer, songwriter, CEO, and entrepreneur.  Yes, we added to entrepreneur because this gentleman has his own men’s clothing line. He has teamed with Nigerian fashion designer Dave Mando to create what would like to describe as urban wear with a native twist.

Dave Mando will be featured on the album “The Book of Paul”. So, the artist is also bringing a native vibe not just to the music world but also with his inspired clothing line. The diversity which Paul brings to his music has gained him recognition within a short amount of time. The album also features the r&b single ‘Fool No More”, and the billboard single “Save Me”. The musical style is just amazing, and the industry standard production is outstanding. 

His upcoming album “The Book of Paul” can relate to everyone and has diversity to touch people across the world.  His new album drops on June 24th and we are here for it. 

If you would like to order from Paul’s clothing line and also keep up with the latest music releases of Paul Askew you check out his website: Music Production – Music Management for Singers and Musicians (

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