TJones: The Struggle, The Life, The Fame

LA, New Orleans In TJones’ city, you can’t have your dreams come true until someone hates you or kills you. Over the years, that’s what he’s found in New Orleans as he’s tried to make a name for himself as a musician and businessman.

And these things are right in the middle of his music. Each of TJones’s songs has its own style and appeal, and each one fits a different mood and setting. He says that his music is like a tool that shows off his life and writing skills.

Many of the songs tell stories from his point of view. He said, “I feel like a fly on the wall.” “I’ve been through a lot of crazy things without getting hurt. I’ve been in the wrong place at the wrong time more than once. In general, my way of life is cool”. The stories don’t do anything crazy or outside the norm. More than anything, it gives you a new vibe and taste in a way that makes your ears tingle because it’s something special.

TJones has lived in New Orleans his whole life. He was born there in the 1980s and grew up on the streets. Over the years, he’s done a lot of different jobs to survive, like landscaping, being a barber, and fixing cars. But hip hop has always been his first love, and as a rapper, he has worked hard to make a name for himself and find a place in a music scene that is already very full.

His sound and style are very unique, and he has a nice Louisiana drawl that reminds me of Ludacris. But his songs and lyrics are all his own, and he’s proud of how much he’s grown as an artist over the years. He said, “I have my own voice, and I’m not just good at one thing.” I’ve changed a lot, so I know how important it is for artists to change. That makes you different from people who only depend on their natural talent. My music comes from my soul, how hard I work, and where I live. I wasn’t born an angel, and when I write, I talk about myself and my life. I write about things I’ve done or not done, things I’ve seen, and things I love. Through my music, I want to give a message of hope to people. I’ve done my fair share of things that you shouldn’t do. But at the end of the day, I’m just like you: I’m trying to tell the world something. So, here I am, a new face who is going to do something different. He said, “You have to let the energy flow.” 

Spread it all over the streets. People will walk all over it and cover themselves with it. Whatever it is that makes you who you are, show it off. Visit: to listen to TJones’s music or follow him on social networks.

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