Q&A with Jakarta-based project The Candle Light Children

– What’s the story behind the name of The Candle Light Children?
The band name actually came from guitar hero! Growing up I used to play a lot of guitar hero with my siblings, specifically guitar hero world tour. There’s a campaign mode in the game where u form your own band and all that. So the game auto-generates a band name for u and what came out for me was “The Candle Light Children”. I’ve kept it in my back pocket ever since now hahahaha.

– Walk us through your typical creative process when working on a new song. How do ideas develop and evolve within the band? 

Songs are kinda spontaneous with me. They really come out of nowhere. I can be doing the most mundane, boring thing known to man and all of sudden it just comes outta nowhere. Sometimes I’d sit on an idea for months just because I don’t feel like it’d be good enough for a song up until the point where I can’t take it and just have to put it down on logic. 

Sometimes I record different tracks or whole songs then I usually show them to the boys. Usually if they fuck with the song  they ll probably record something on it. 

– Looking back, is there a particular song or project that holds special significance to each of you? Why? 

For me it’s definitely “It Doesn’t Matter Anyway”. It was the first song I put out as the candle light children and kinda gave me hope that this whole music thing could be real for me. I still think it’s my best song yet.

– Are there specific artists or genres you are currently exploring that might influence your future work? 

Me and pierre have been listening to a lot of Japanese city pop lately. We just love the colors coming out of that style. It something some artist like the weeknd and a couple of other are trying to do but no one’s really fully committed too. 

– “Try Again” explores the theme of trying to reclaim something lost. How do personal experiences shape the narratives in your songs? 

I feel that writing songs sometimes is like writing in my diary. So I pull from a lot of personal experiences, sometimes dramatized for a theatrical purposes.
Everyone says music is a way to say things that you might not know how to say. 

– Are there specific challenges you’ve faced as a band that have contributed to your growth and evolution? 

I think every challenge is just an opportunity to grow.  We’ve had some wild adventures at gigs and trying to record music but its always just added more nuances in the music. 

– What’s coming next for you? 

We’re planning to go on a tour this year, locally and hopefully across to other countries!! We’re also in the studio again recording new music 🙂