Raven Ives Stuns Fans with a Surprise Release of a Dark and Ethereal Rendition of “My Love”

Just four months after the release of her much anticipated album “No Reason” compiling her best work of the last four years, and featuring a brand new song carrying the same name, alternative singer-songwriter and producer Violet Raven Ives, known by her artistic name Raven Ives, left her fans breathless with the surprise release of “My Love” – a stunning cover version of the Florence + The Machine hit song.

Violet’s inspiration for the cover came last year after watching an interview by Florence Welch, in which the famous singer explained how when she initially wrote it, the now upbeat hit song sounded dark and bleak. “I already really loved the song, but after hearing Florence say that my mind immediately went into a “challenge accepted” mode, as I always tend to do my covers in a darker way, anyways”, said Violet. This is how this ethereal moody masterpiece was born.

While the original is an upbeat and energetic track with soaring vocals, in a true Raven Ives fashion her spin of the song takes a darker and more cinematic approach to the original. With Violet’s haunting low vocals and overlaying textures of piano and strings the cover creates an otherworldly soundscape that is both captivating and atmospheric, with each note pulling listeners deeper into a world that only she can create, leaving them once again swimming in an ocean of beautiful darkness.

Through her signature dark, ethereal and cinematic soundscapes, this time shown through the cover version of “My Love”, Raven Ives continues to prove that she is a master at crafting immersive and evocative music that transcends genre and resonates deeply with audiences around the world.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ravenives