There are certain artists whose unique style truly inspires all those who hear their music, and that’s certainly the case for Rocky Writer, a Brooklyn-based artist whose unique sounds incorporate stunning and complex acoustics from traditionally healing instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls. With this in mind, her music is certainly unlike anything else that’s currently being made. Moreover, this unique combination of sounds and healing instruments gives her songs a unique style that can appeal to many listeners. 

As she herself explains, she loves using healing instruments within her music to help her listeners better connect with the song and let the lyrics “sink in.” This is something that we, as listeners, can absolutely resonate with; her music certainly hits us where it’s meant to, and this is just part of what makes Rocky Writer’s music so astounding. 

Inspirations for her music clearly originate from Hip Hop culture and her heritage from Trinidad and Tobago; these make her music undeniably unique and captivating – just another example of why so many people adore her songs, and some have even compared her to the global name that is Rihanna; nevertheless, Rocky Writer prefers to think of herself a little differently, as an authentic and determined individual who is passionate about creating a strong social impact through her work.

With her unique and captivating sound, we can’t wait to see what Rocky Writer’s career continues to offer us looking to the future – and we’ll be watching with great interest to discover her latest song and the unique features it can offer when it comes out: Energy True.