Sarah S shares bares her soul on “Warriors”

Some artists offer the possibility of extraordinary musical journeys, by sharing their feelings, their fears and hope, their guts.

Sarah “Inspired Journey” Smith aka Sarah Risu enters this category.  The artist has a lot to share and transforms her life adversities, traumas and experiences into real art. 

More than music, her latest delivery “Warriors” is a true work of art that needs to be heard and contemplated. Its emotion instantly connects with your soul, your thoughts, fears and hopes and explore through between RNB-soul, old-school colours and above all a magnificent vocal performance.

Actively fighting brain cancer and as a breast cancer survivor, Sarah show resilience, generosity and an angelic artistic personality. 

“Warriors” is an emotional-driven song with powerful lyrical content, a song dedicated to all warriors:

What says Sarah Smith about the song:

“Warrior was inspired by a friends’ husband who was on hospice. It had always been agreed that if either of us passed first, we would write a song for the memorial or in rememberance of the person. Her husband thought it was a good idea for her to hear the song while she was alive. He did not realize our agreement was we would write and compose it later and instead he assumed I had her song ready. That night my spirit and heart led me to write it and take to let her hear it. What was created was a beautiful song which was not only heard by her but has been performed on stage several times and before COVID I was invited to perform at a few events of American Cancer Society, Relay for Life and others.

Warrior is a walk thru the process no one should experience. It starts of with a glimpse of how a newly diagnosed person prepares to tell loved ones and how that may feel. The chorus is a reminder that no matter what keep your head up high and be encouraged. “