“Shinning Star”: the summer song by Tende Kasha

When we discovered Tende Kasha, we immediately fell in love with his energy. His latest offering “Shinning Star” is fresh air for our ears and soul. 

The artist, born Francisco Dos Passos Malheiros Dos Santos in Luanda, Angola, already received several Akademia Music Award (for Best Reggae Song in 2017 and global Rising Star in 2021) and is not ready to slow down any time soon.

Indeed “Shinning Star” is exactly what the world needs, an authentic Reggae and grooving sound, a vibe that will open up the windows for the light to shine. It will transport your heart and fill your soul with positivity and strength.

We will make sure to keep an eye on Tende Kasha, as a new vibrant single is set to be released for September, as well as an EP for November 2021.


Meanwhile, listen to “Shinning Start” it right now HERE:

Did you know?

Tende Kasha migrated to Portugal in 1977 at as a war refugee. In his youth, Tende Kasha found solace in music and through his father’s wide music collection. He imersed himself in a diverse range of genres. In 1989, he moved to London. There, Tende Kasha continued expressing himself through his passion for singing and performing. For many years, Tende Kasha struggled with war traumas from his early years in Angola. His love of music however, helped him overcome these adversities, and he has always derived great inspiration from African/Jamaican and musicians from other cultures too. Tende Kasha connected well with their kind of music, as they elegantly explore the strife of contemporary life in their home countries. Tende Kasha is a singer, songwriter & percussionis who has always been strong about singing and expressing himself through his music.