Stan Sitwell: our discovery of the day

As you may have noticed, our redaction’s mission is to discover unique artists that bring a new sound on the table. Well, with Stan Sitwell, we got served! His music, blending electro music with experimental sounds, is nothing like we already heard.

Stan Sitwell (aka DJ Tim Mills) has been deejaying professionally for 20+ years, since 1998. DJ Tim began deejaying in Tokyo, JP. Since that time he has deejayed coast-to-coast across N America, gigging in every city he’s found himself living within.

He currently lives in the countryside on the outskirts of Ottawa, ON., Canada. His genre is best described as an electronic blendstep, ranging from trip-hop to house, typically his tempos are around 105-115 BPM.

You can find all his music on Soundcloud, Spotify and Bandcamp:

Click for Bandcamp HERE.

Tim Mills (aka Stan Sitwell) has an EP he’s releasing independently in 2019, his fifth studio production.

We will make sure to follow his steps!