Starting the week with the best discovery: “Wasting my time” by Alto

Among the projects that we listen to every day there is a very particular category that we have identified, consisting of artists with a special recipe. South Korean, New-York based artist Alto is part of the list thanks to a creativity. Welcome to his music world!

Alto, also a former influencer, made a strong impression to our redaction thanks to “Wasting my time”, that is only his second project, unveiling his talent for innovating and putting the music to higher levels.

The track offers a true a new kind of journey through hip-hop, pop and subtle touches of rock. The melodic, hard-hitting production offers an emo and futuristic vision. Alto’s flow is like no other, surfing on the productions with ease, attitude and bouncy rhythms.

With “Wasting my time”, Alto proves that he will have a bright future in the industry if he continues to shares this appealing signature and charismatic artistic personality, he is sure to triple his success in the industry. 

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