“Songs from the Lighthouse”: the best album of November, by the incredible Uta Habbig

We continue our sweet Saturday of discoveries with the most magical musical moment unveiled by Uta Habbig and her album “Songs from the Lighthouse ”, an opus to discover as soon as possible as it will accompany your days in the sweetest and most beautiful ways.

During 5 astonishing tracks, the German, New York-based artist takes us on a journey through jazz, pop and above all solar melodies, with ethereal and unworldly atmospheres.

With its soulful tone and warm vocal performances, Uta Habbig’s musical signature is delicious, and irresistible, taking us on board with sincerity and emotion. 

“Songs from the Lighthouse ” is a pure and beautiful musical journey that will save your mood and ease your mind.

Enter into the experience right now: