We are thrilled to announce that we discovered the music that will ease our minds and heart this week. We talk about Tayler Lacey’s sound.

His discography is a blessing for our ears and souls as it effortlessly blends folk melodies with country hints to invite the audience into a magnificent musical moment. The instruments, arrangements and chords are poetic, accompanied by compelling lyrics about social change and hardship.

We had the pleasure to have a chat with Tayler Lacey about his journey. In the meantime, enjoy his pure and authentic voice:

Welcome to our redaction! Tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

I’m Tayler Lacey and I began playing music when I was 13 years old! After playing in multiple bands I started my solo music journey in 2016 focusing on my favorite kind of music to play and listen to which is folk and Americana.

What inspires you to write and create music?

I pull a lot of inspiration from books I read, things I see in the world and struggles I’ve faced in my life. Writing songs is like therapy to me and I hope someone else finds comfort in my songs the way I do.

Do you have a specific creative process?

I love to hear a phrase and brainstorm different meanings of that phrase and expand upon it like a creative writing exercise. %90 of my songs come from a single phrase that I expand upon until a song is formed. I usually worry about the song structure later after I’ve got the lyrics and meaning down first.

How would you describe your latest release?

My latest release “kind of political, but mostly sad” is basically what the title says. A combo of my own struggles and obstacles mixed with a more general empathy for the world at large. I’m very proud of the collection of songs and how they turned out.

What can we expect from you in the future?

For the future I’m planning on continuing to record and hopefully tour next year so keep your eyes peeling for me in your city!