The further meets with MT Motherlandboy

Today, our redaction meets with Atlanta-based artist MT Motherlandboy, a rapper who caught out attention thanks to his outstanding hip-hop recipe. 

His latest delivery, a 22 track album named “De Paris à ATL” showcases MT Motherlandboy’s eclecticism and creativity. Performed in French, the opus delivers hard-hitting productions between trap and melodic hip-hop, but above all, bouncy and addictive flows.

It was only right to have a little chat with MT Motherlandboy to know more about him, so listen to “De Paris à ATL” now and Rendez-vous below: 

Welcome to our redaction! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am MT Motherlandboy and I am an international hip hop artist based in ATL , Georgia (USA) I was born in Paris France but I am originally from Mali West Africa where I also used to live for years. I am the true definition of International. I was in a group in middle school that’s how I started making music, performing at school talent shows….

What are your inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is 2 Pac and Bob Marley they way the energy touched the world even after their death… it inspired me to wanna do the same thing.

Do you have a specific creative process?

I my process, I listened to beats and productions sent to me by different producers till I hear something that grabs me, soon as I hear some I like, I pull it up In protools and go in the booth and start saying what I have, a hook or a few words or a melody whatever the first listen inspires, then build from that.

How could you describe your latest release?

“De Paris à ATL” is a double Album completely in French which is a first for MT Motherlandboy and the response has been crazy so far, the people are loving it !!! I am scheduled to shoot the first video for it this week… everything lining up. We are planning a Tour in Paris this summer !! It’s a lot coming with this French Album. Another project is getting mixed and mastered right now for my English speaking fans, even though I just gave them the Deluxe to my previous album…. We gonna release more new music, more new Videos….