The Late-Night Sizzle Of Bemendé’s New EP: ‘FTSH’

When it comes to musical acts that you need to know about, Bemendé is the first artist that comes to my mind. She is currently at the forefront of my mind because she just dropped a new, four-track project titled ‘FTSH.’ It is a slow burn with plenty of deep emotion to assist you with capturing the mood of late, city nights or a chill evening in. With its pulsing beats, atmospheric melodies, and chilling
synths, this EP truly breathes at night.

One of my favorite examples of this nocturnal ambiance is the second track titled ‘THROWBACK.’ There is something truly magical in the tone of the synth. The melody that echoes in the background of the chorus is enchanting. As expected, Bemendé’s vocals are soulful and inspired. Her timbre is very unique and infuses the lyrics with pure feeling. The major key of the track conveys the heartbreaking nostalgia that the lyrics tell of. A relationship that didn’t work out that was truly magical while it lasted. All of these factors make this one of the strongest efforts on this inspired project.

Bemendé is on a fast track to creating a remarkable name for herself. She is a gifted vocalist and talented songwriter. She has all the right tools, and this project proves she knows how to use them.

Stream ‘FTSH’ right here: