Out Now: The outstanding ‘Flowers’ by Julianne

Julianne releases haunting pop ballad “Flowers” and the track that will mark 2022 and more

Julianne is a South Florida-based artist who impressed our redaction thanks to her latest offer “Flowers”. Her sound makes her one of the most authentic and creative singers around.

“Flowers” is a hauntingly beautiful acoustic pop-folk ballad unveiling a unique and warm voice. The chords are relaxing, the melodies are pure, and Julianne’s poetry effortlessly floats over the captivating instrumentation. She delivers a breathtaking, emotional-driven vocal performance that instantly connects with listeners.

From the first seconds, “Flowers” gives hope. Hope in the music again, but also hope in life, in better days. It sounds like the blissful universe was flowing through her. Thank you, Julianne, for this moment out of earth.

Hit play and be ready to dive into a magnificent musical journey:

Julianne is definitely and artist you should keep an eye on. Follow her on Instagram HERE