The Synthy Soundscapes of Marq Electronica

Fans of Marq Electronica are in for a real treat this August, as he will be dropping his new single titled ‘Spirit Of The Shaman.’ It is a synth heavy track with plenty of outer space atmosphere and lyrics about getting lost in the music.

The track opens with funky clicks and a buzzing melody. It quickly accelerates into a thoroughly danceable track that fans have come to expect and crave from Marq. The ethereal choral voices in the background add a nice touch and further convey that feeling of ecstasy that music can have on a listener. Seeing as the song is about music’s power to transport its audience to another place, it is only proper that the music itself would accomplish that very thing.

The new single is just in time for summer and will be a perfect musical solution for anyone looking for new music that is simultaneously danceable and meaningful. I can only hope that this whimsical track will eventually lead to a full-length album, because I need at least a dozen additional new songs just like this from Marq. Until then, he has plenty of music in his catalogue for fans to dive into.

‘Spirit Of The Shaman’ drops this August 27th. For now, go and enjoy Marq’s back catalogue of incredible tracks:

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