The Voice and Guitar of Charlie Burger Bring Life and Sparkle to Las Vegas

For more than12 years, a multi-talented musical star has been adding his own sparkle to the Las Vegas scene, rocking music lovers who come there from all over the world with his extraordinary vocal and guitar skills. If you have recently been to Las Vegas, you may have come across his name and fame there. We are talking about none other than Charlie Burger. People who know his music will undoubtedly second this viewpoint that Charlie is an asset for Las Vegas.

Charlie Burger’s Love for Music:

Charlie is the embodiment of someone who truly lives to perform music. One can understand this statement merely by looking at the more than five decades he has dedicated to his art. He expresses his views about it this way, “I love to immerse myself in the recordings and videos of the original or the best versions of tunes that I cover, as that is usually when the spirit of the song was most alive. I do everything possible to get that essence into my performances.”

Charlie is an artist who finds life in music and, in turn, pays this forward to his fans who find solace in listening to him. Charlie adds, “I was born with this purpose. This is what I was meant to do.”

Charlie Puts a Lot of Creative Work into Making His Music Communicate to His Audiences

Charlie’s love for singing and guitar playing is something that comes natural to him. But that’s not saying he doesn’t put in the necessary work. Just the opposite, this is what makes him want to do whatever it takes to get the music right! This usually involves rigorous preparation and practice on each song he adds to his repertoire (now 250+ songs and in numerous genres). It starts with getting a good concept of what he wants to end up with, researching, planning, arranging, learning the necessary guitar or vocal licks, getting it all on paper for future reference, and more. Then, once it is all together, practicing and drilling the song until the kinks are worked out and it sounds superb. Then perfecting it further on stage in actual performances. It is a process, and it takes whatever it takes. Charlie says he doesn’t worry about the time invested but dedicates his efforts to getting the desired result. If the level of effort and skill invested is correct, then the music will naturally turn into a sort of magic that will often leave listeners spellbound.

How has Charlie Burger Come to Add His Own Sparkle to Las Vegas?

Charlie initially toured with his rock band all through the Midwest from the mid to late 1960’s. He kept his music alive as a solo performer when he moved to the Southwest in the 1990’s. He was part of the California rock scene in the early 2000’s and recorded original music with the band Sheer Magic. Now-a-days he is exclusively available to the people of Las Vegas (where he has resided since 2005) as a solo artist performing for weddings, special events, parties, clubs, restaurants, bars, stores. This is an undisguised blessing for residents as well as tourists. His performances in Las Vegas have often surprised visitors to the world- famous city with an unexpected joyful experience. At times, in their own words, vacationers have remarked that Charlie’s performances were the highlight of their time in Vegas. Charlie Burger brings us his own special light and life, embracing people from all over the globe, people of every race, creed, nationality, and age, and makes their time in Las Vegas happier and more memorable.

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