Thy Veils Unveils Cosmic Splendor: Here We Are Sidereal at the Galactic Tick Festival

Thy Veils unveiled a celestial spectacle with “Here We Are Sidereal,” a live dance show recorded at the Galactic Tick Festival on September 9, 2023, in Timișoara,

Romania. Founder and producer Daniel Dorobanțu, alongside vocal talents Alira Mun, Maria Hojda, and Francesca Hojda, orchestrated a cosmic celebration – the Galactic Tick Day. This groundbreaking event featured an ensemble of dancers including Alexandra Girbea, Denisa Coropca, Diana Abdo, and more.

Set within the cultural ambiance of Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture in 2023, the performance unfolded in the On.Set TV & film studios. The 90-minute journey combined electronic beats, immersive visuals, and mesmerizing dance improvisation, offering a tantalizing preview of an unparalleled experience.

A fusion of mysterious and uplifting electronic vibes, visual art, and futuristic creativity transported the audience into an otherworldly realm of art and freedom.

As we eagerly anticipate the live show, Thy Veils promises to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression, leaving audiences enchanted and eager for more.

Thy Veils in details:

Thy Veils is a Romanian art collective founded in 1995 by Daniel Dorobantu. It has evolved and changed over the years, having released more than a dozen albums and other recordings.

Thy Veils’ music is highly atmospheric, often integrating elements of ambient, electronic and world music, as well as experimental and avant-garde sounds. It has been described as introspective, expressive and beautiful, exploring themes of spirituality, nature and human consciousness.

In addition to his work with Thy Veils, Daniel Dorobanțu is also an accomplished visual artist and filmmaker. Many of his artistic and philosophical ideas are reflected in Thy Veils’ music, which often seeks to transcend human experience.

The exploration of transcendence and consciousness is a central theme in the music of Thy Veils. Through their music, Thy Veils invite listeners on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration, emphasizing the potential for personal growth and transformation. The band’s atmospheric soundscapes, intricate instrumentation, and philosophical themes create a serene and introspective musical landscape that encourages listeners to reflect on their consciousness and explore the deeper dimensions of existence.

Thy Veils’ music creates a sense of awe and wonder, highlighting the unity of the universe and the interconnectedness of all things. It is a rich and complex multicultural and intercultural sonic dialogue that celebrates diversity and harmony, revealing new layers and nuances with each listening; innovative and experimental, challenging and surprising the listener with new sounds and visions; spiritual and philosophical, and it inspires and enlightens the listener with new perspectives and insights.

The band’s lyrics and imagery invite the listener to explore the deeper dimensions of existence and transcend the limitations of everyday life. Their art is not only aesthetic but also ethical and metaphysical. It offers a glimpse into a world of mystery and wonder. It encourages listeners to embrace their consciousness and embark on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

Thy Veils has gained a dedicated following in Romania and beyond and performed live across Europe and the Middle East. The project continues to push experimental music boundaries and remains a significant voice in the Romanian cultural scene. 

The reception of Thy Veils’ music by the general audience can vary, depending on the listener’s musical taste and cultural background. Some listeners may find the band’s music challenging or esoteric, while others may be drawn to its distinct sound and philosophical themes.

Thy Veils’ music tends to appeal to a relative niche audience of music lovers who appreciate experimental, atmospheric, and introspective music. The band has received critical acclaim for its original approach to composition and performance. It has been recognized for its contributions to the Romanian music scene.

Thy Veils has achieved numerous accomplishments throughout its career. Here are some of the band’s notable achievements:

Critical acclaim – Thy Veils has received critical acclaim for its unique approach to music composition and performance. The band’s music is praised for its atmospheric soundscapes, intricate instrumentation, and philosophical themes. Recognized as one of the most innovative and original musical projects in Romania, Thy Veils has been the subject of numerous positive reviews in both local and international media.

International recognition – Thy Veils has gained a significant following outside Romania, particularly in Europe and North America. The band has performed at music festivals and venues around the world and collaborated with artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. Thy Veils’ international success has helped to raise the profile of Romanian music on the global stage.

Cultural impact – Thy Veils has had a significant cultural impact in Romania and beyond. The band’s music has inspired a generation of musicians and artists and helped establish a new wave of experimental and atmospheric music in Romania. Thy Veils’ philosophical themes and visual dimension have also impacted the broader cultural discourse in Romania, inspiring new perspectives on spirituality, nature, and the cosmos.


Galactic Tick Festival

ACT Negura / Alina Mafa – organizer

at On.Set tv/film studio

Daniel Dorobantu – electronics, visuals, production, editing & FX

Alira Mun – vocal

Maria Hojda – vocal / dancer

Francesca Hojda – vocal / dancer

Alexandra Gîrbea – lead dancer

Denisa Coropca – lead dancer

Diana Abdo – dancer

Andra Cara – dancer

Sara Ghilezan – dancer

Miruna Herec – dancer

Andreea Irksousi – dancer

Mohamed Irksousi – dancer

Andrei Lazăr – dancer

Marin Lupanciuc – dancer

Sebastian Teodorovici – dancer

Sebastian Maru – lights, editing

Anita Ramona – MUA, editing

Eugen Neacsu – VJ

Georgiana Feidi – photography

Valentin Solomie – camera

Radu Ionescu – camera

Pataki Farkas – camera

Alexandru Mateiu – camera

Daniel Kui – camera

Adrian Stanescu – camera, lights assistant

Valeriu Jaravete – camera

David Solomie – video assistant